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Costume Therapy

Cross Leg Harness

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Articulated metal leg harness with futuristic fetish flavor. 

Derived form "The Mother", a giant centipede-like creature who's little legs came off and multiplied endlessly creating new creatures in disguise of wearable body adornments. 

Such as this chain suspender harness, a brand new kind of metal lingerie. 

''Little Legs" are casted in aluminum (for light weight function) and assembled by hand with articulated white brass joins. Therefore they move along with the body.

The piece is composed of three parts : Upper part, the belt, being highly adjustable at the back, with white brass chain and clasp closure + front hook opening.

Lower part is composed of two pieces for the legs that attach to the belt, via highly adjustable white brass chain and clasp connection.  On the sides there is elastic insert threaded through the chain enabling a good grip. Both are adjustable on the sides. 

Tested by the designer, all night long at the fetish party. Good to go!