How we got here...

It all started in 2019 when Katarina Radovic had a vision...

In the Afterworld, a post-apocalyptic realm, there is a resurgence of life. New creatures, biologically adapted to the new environment, have developed armor, scales, and exoskeletal frames over their skin. They are part human, part creature, part alien and they have survived to rule a new terrain. No longer abiding by the laws of an archaic humanity, they have created their own society and their own laws. Carnal in nature, with voracious impulses, but with refined laws of conduct and a taste for the finer things in life. A world of pleasure and pain. La douleur exquise.

How did they come about? How did they survive the destruction of the old world? They were born from SHE, a Sensual Hybrid Entity (or Savage Hybrid Entity). She is androgynous, immortal, Mother Nature reincarnate. A shapeshifter that can take any form, especially the dreams or desires of her prey. She beckons with her power of seduction. Is she malevolent? Like Mother Nature, there is no difference between good and evil. No one is judged on value, but on chance. The fruits of She's labour birthed what is today presented as Costume Therapy.

Costume Therapy is a range of dynamic, sculptural jewelry composed of exoskeletal silhouettes, anatomical forms, and intuitive articulation. Movable parts align and synchronize with every movement of the body in a choreographic rhythm. Seamless sequences of scales, joints, and vertebrae arranged in motional symmetry.

Designed to empower and transform the wearer, these exquisite symbols of identity were conceived to assault and mesmerize. Otherworldly adornments, intended to haunt the senses, ignite erotic play and conjure your inner carnage.

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Covers & Features

Whilst Costume Therapy has existed as an idea in development for many years, the brand did not have any real public presence until 2021. As such, we are delighted to have already featured on the Cover of British Vogue, as well as in US Vogue, and all of the major European Vogue's. Additionally, there are further scheduled features upcoming.


The extended version of this cover also contains a second Costume Therapy piece, our Armadillo Rings, as worn by Valentina Sampaio.

Another feature was Jordan Barrett mixing Costume Therapy with Gucci and Manuel Albarran. All styled by the master, Edward Enniful.


Vogue's Dedicated article on Costume Therapy can also be read here.

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