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Blade Runner Rings (Set of 5)

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Long, full finger, knuckle rings with extended claws for pleasure or prey. Sensual dorsal curves, highly polished to enhance their sculptural features and add a futuristic sheen. Slightly concave underneath to adhere comfortably to your shape. 

Designed to sit above your middle knuckle. Fitted with 2 adjustable rings to hold firmly to each segment of your finger. 

This set of five includes 4 x standard and 1 x small ring.



Brass-Titanium alloy or

Sterling Silver



Standard (Recommended for thumb, index, middle and ring finger)

Length: 9cm

Width: 1.8cm

Ring size: Adjustable to fit ring sizes 6 to 9

Small (Recommended for pinky finger)

Length: 7.5cm

Width: 1.5cm

Ring size: Adjustable to fit ring sizes 3 to 4



Standard: 13-16 grams

Small: 10-13 grams